Saturday, January 19, 2008

Protect Your Checkered Giant Rabbits During Transit With Rabbit Carriers

Checkered giant rabbits are great fun pets and animals that children simply love. Rabbits are one of the most gorgeous domesticated animals that you find as pets and checkered giant rabbits are no exception to this. Checkered giant rabbits are very soft and gentle and love a cuddle. Checkered giant rabbits enjoy being outside and running around although in some respects this the worst thing you can do is let them out of their hutch area as they can be difficult to catch once they get the speed up.

But of course with all animals you do need to ensure that you take cake of your checkered giant rabbits by taking them for regular health and physical assessments with your local small animal veterinarian. If you are a careful owner of checkered giant rabbits then you will want to embark on a strict regime of checkered giant rabbits health care.

So how do you transport your checkered giant rabbits? A rabbit carrier is the best way to transport checkered giant rabbits to and from the veterinarian. Some people might think that rabbit carriers and indeed any animal carrier or cage is cruel but in actual fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. Rabbit carriers for checkered giant rabbits and other cages for other animals are specially designed to all the animal plenty of protection, room to move and flex their leg muscles and plenty of ventilation so that breathing is made easy. Visibility is limited so that animals do not get scared by movement within the vehicle.

When buying a carrier to carry your checkered giant rabbits safely you need to ensure that the carrier you purchase can be well strapped into the car in which you will transport your checkered giant rabbits. This will ensure that your checkered giant rabbits are as safe as they can possibly be en route.