Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Step By Step Approach When You Care For A Pet Mouse

It is easy enough to care for a pet mouse. If you want to care for a pet mouse then there are plenty of things you need to consider. To care for a pet mouse you need to think about the cage, bedding, cleaning and food. Let’s take some time to explore each one in more detail.

The CageThe size of the cage you will need to care for a pet mouse really depends on how many mice you intend to keep. To care for a pet mouse or a pair of mice then a 2 foot square cage will be absolutely ample. In general when you care for a pet mouse you want a cage that has multiple levels so that the mouse can climb up and down at their leisure. Glass and wire cages are the best types of cage to help you care for a pet mouse. The cage needs to be escape proof but offer plenty ventilation. Wire cages are the most popular option because you can affix things to the sides such as toys and feeding bowls.

Bedding Placing a deep layer of shavings is important for the bottom of the cage when you care for a pet mouse. You should however avoid cedar and pine shavings as they tend to release strong oils. In addition, you should place in some nesting material such as strips of facial tissue or soft paper towel that can be easily shredded by the mouse.

Cleaning When you care for a pet mouse, cleaning its cage depends entirely on how big the cage is and what it is made from. Glass cages will need to be cleaned more frequently. Do not wait until you can smell a terrible odor, always clean proactively.

FoodThe basic diet of a mouse is ideally supplemented with small but regular quantities of fresh fruits and vegetable, cooked pasta, whole grain bread or crackers or commercial treat sticks. You should always avoid giving chocolate or sweet things when you care for a pet mouse as this can make them ill and even be fatal.