Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Facts to Know About Your Cute Puppies!

Cute puppies are so adorable and will give you so much pleasure, seeing them learn and grow. Cute puppies make good little friends, and as your new little friend, a puppy needs a lot of attention, care, and puppy training. Paying attention to all these things makes the lives of cute puppies all the more healthy and happy.

Now, it's important to note that different people have various definitions for cute puppies. What's "cute" for one person, may not be "cute" to another. For instance, some individuals don't feel that wrinkled, bald newborn pups with closed eyes are particularly attractive. However, many true animal lovers beg to differ. For some, many dogs in all stages of life are "cute", or at least attractive, and some look upon the brand new pup as being sweet and cute.

There are really a lot of things to know about cute puppies, for those who are interested. For example, if you are following cute puppies from infancy, you'll see that their eyes normally open around 10 days, and that it takes a few days longer for the ears to open. For those who are interested in technical details, the puppy body temperature is approximately 97-99F, and their neonatal stage lasts several weeks.
During this time, since they come into the world with both eyes and ears closed, they sense heat, cold, and texture through the senses of small and touch. These cute puppies don't even use the bathroom by themselves! They must be physically prompted by their mothers, upon whom they're totally dependent.

Once they pass through this stage, after about 2-3 weeks, they enter a transitional period, where they get their baby teeth, and they try to stand up and crawl around, their first attempts at walking. Now these cute puppies are becoming interested in their surroundings, as their nervous systems are rapidly developing.

At the end of this time, the cute puppies get even cuter, as they are interacting, and playing with one another. Even though they are still nursing, the cute puppies will take food from a bowl, if you give it to them. Soon, you can start giving them appropriate dog toys.

Now, there is some information that you should be thinking about, during this very early cute puppies stage. For as they grow, they will need different kinds of care. They will need training, and certainly you'll quickly want to potty train them.

Lastly and so importantly, you want to keep cute puppies healthy. Prevent illness and find the right pet medicines. Find information on allergies, fleas, seizures, worms and kennel cough. Think about getting some Pet Insurance for your cute puppies. Prevent and cure illnesses through purchase of safe and proper medications through a veterinarian or legitimate vender. Although your cute puppies may not thank you with words, you'll feel gratified when you see them and view their behavior-healthy and happy, the cutest of cute puppies!