Saturday, June 20, 2009

Using Collapsible Bird Cages To Transport Your Birds For A Health Check

Deciding to own and care for any animal is a very important decision and birds are no exception. Birds make wonderful domestic pets and can provide you with hours of entertainment and companionship for owners and their families.

With all animals, including birds you need to ensure that you take cake of your pets by taking them for regular health and physical assessments with your local small animal veterinarian. If you are a careful and caring owner of birds then you will want to embark on a strict regime of health care.

So how do you transport your birds for their health checks? Collapsible bird cages are the key. Collapsible bird cages are the best way to transport birds to and from the veterinarian. You might think that birds and indeed any animal carrier or cage is cruel but in actual fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. Collapsible bird cages for your pet bird are designed specifically to provide the bird with ample protection, room to move and plenty of ventilation so that breathing is made easy. In some senses they are not dissimilar to a standard bird cage, the only difference is that these collapsible bird cages actually do collapse and fold up.

Collapsible bird cages are very convenient pieces of equipment that any bird owner needs to have in their shed. Collapsible bird cages, when they are folded up do not take up very much room in your shed, garage or laundry. In a few easy steps you can take collapsible bird cages and pop them up or down depending on your needs.

When buying collapsible bird cages to carry your birds safely you need to ensure that the collapsible bird cages you purchase can be well strapped into the car in which you will transport your birds. Strapping in your collapsible bird cages will ensure that your birds are as safe as they can possibly be en route. This of course is apart from all the other features that you want the collapsible bird cages to include such as perches and food and water cups. In collapsible bird cages you will usually need to reapply these things in each time you re-erect your collapsible bird cages.