Monday, August 24, 2009

Tricolor Spaniel Puppies – A Breed For Families

Tricolor Spaniel puppies are some of the most gorgeous puppies available. Tricolor Spaniel puppies, like all Spaniels, are a friendly and playful dog and are very suitable for families and retirees. They like to play but they are also very loyal and enjoy ongoing and consistent companionship.

Tricolor spaniel puppies are a distant breed of the original Spaniel which had it origins in Spain and further developed as a breed in England. And not a lot has changed since those times. Tricolor spaniel puppies are just as cute and friendly as they have ever been.

Tricolor spaniel puppies are small dogs – usually around 15 inches at the top of the shoulder blades, they have a soft medium-length, very thick almost double like coat; long, flexible ears; and a constantly wagging tail. In addition, female tricolor spaniel puppies are slightly smaller than their male counterparts.

Well bred tricolor spaniel puppies tend to be very loyal, cheerful and playful and they enjoy being loyal to their master. It is for this reason that tricolor spaniel puppies are perceived as being very trustworthy and quite adaptable and are voted as one of the most popular dogs breeds across the United States of America.

Tricolor spaniel puppies tend to be quite active on a day to day basis but they do like nothing less than to have a lazy afternoon on the couch or in front of a warm fire. Hence, Tricolor spaniel puppies need some encouragement sometimes to take in some exercise. If they don’t get some exercise and fresh air regularly, they may well gain weight rapidly and end up a little pudgy.

Like all dogs, Tricolor spaniel puppies should have some obedience training to teach them manners and domestic etiquette. Formal dog obedience classes can help in this regard.