Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Pit Bull Puppies Make Great Pets for Families

Are you looking for free Pit Bull puppies? You and plenty of other people are looking for free Pit Bull puppies. Despite their stern and aggressive appearance, free Pit Bull puppies make wonderful companions who are fiercely loyal to their families. Free Pit Bull puppies thrive on attention, love, tenderness, affection and are generally more than willing to give lots of affection to their carer in return. It may surprise you to know that free Pit Bull puppies are great with kids and often get along well with other dogs, but it is all about the dog itself and how you treat it.

Free Pit Bull puppies are very active dogs and are appropriate for families that like to keep busy � especially outdoors. Free Pit Bull puppies love nothing more than spending time out in the garden, playing chasing with the kids. In fact Free Pit Bull puppies are best suited for homes where the Free Pit Bull puppies will receive constant and ongoing companionship. The last thing you want is a bored Pit Bull � and they do get bored easily.

In general, Pit Bulls are not afflicted by the major genetic disorders that are often experienced by other breeds of dogs. Of course when exploring Free Pit Bull puppies with a breeder or owner of a litter you should always check for the standard things such as deafness. Deafness is very common in Pit Bulls but it can be hard to detect. Your breeder or vet will be able to help you if you are unsure how to tell.

Be secure in the knowledge that good, reliable breeders will often be able to provide you with some kind of health guarantee so that if you are unhappy you can return the dog at any time.