Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Puppy: Not All Free, But Worth Every Penny!

Ok, so you got yourself a brand new, free puppy! And he or she is so cute and cuddly! You got such a great deal, either at the animal shelter, from a friend, or however you acquired your free puppy. Yet so much love does have a price, although it's worth is truly immeasurable! Don't forget that your little free puppy has got to get appropriate medical care, so you've got to shell out some cash for your adorable free puppy!

First, surely you'll want to get your money's worth, and you'll want to know all about taking care of your new baby! That precious little free puppy needs to be kept free of harmful parasites, and he or she also needs protection from contagious illness. A veterinarian can recommend the appropriate treatments to control parasites and also an immunization schedule. Be sure to discuss both the puppy medical care and the adult requirements as well, with your veterinarian. Ensure you also ask questions about whatever you don't understand.

For instance, vaccines are available for parovirus, distemper, hepatitis, rabies, kennel cough, etc.--and you should begin your free puppy on his or her immunization schedule at approximately six to eight weeks old. Next, the shots are administered every three to four weeks until your free puppy is sixteen to twenty weeks old. Then, the puppy is given boosters the next year. Also, throughout the first two years and after, there are some newer vaccines that are most effective against geographically specific illnesses.

As for parasite problems, your free puppy is highly susceptible! Parasites are a common problem as your puppy ages. Fleas and ticks, and both intestinal and heartworms are the major issues here. However, your vet can supply you with medications that will prevent such parasites from infesting your dog, and will also get rid of any, if they are already present.

Finally, appropriate nutrition is vital for health maintenance, as your free puppy grows and develops. Special food and diets are available for the larger breed pup. Hence, by providing your pet with high quality nutrition, you'll be working right along with the vet, to keep your dog healthy.

So, now remember to cut some cash for that sweet little free puppy, and you'll also cut down on health problems. And ya know, you'll more than get your money's worth on your so-called free puppy! For, the value of your free puppy can't be counted in dollars.