Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pet Toy Balls Are Both Educational And Entertaining

Pet toy balls are educational and entertaining toys for dogs and cats usually. Pet toy balls supply your dog or cat with both a mental and a physical challenge, and pet toy balls also provide a reward for your dog or cat when they have been particularly well behaved. Your dog or cat will love finding out information on how they can interact with their pet toy balls.

Essentially, pet toy balls are either filled with very yummy edible treats such as biscuits, or pet toy balls are made of plastic or rubber and are merely chewable, playable items. It is important that you always have a good supply of pet toy balls for your dog or cat, because not only are they good fun and even tasty, but they can actually help you train your pet into good behavior around the home and garden. The longer you have your dog or cat, the more you will confidently be able to determine which pet toy balls they prefer over other pet toy balls.

With the edible pet toy balls, you are actually able to fill and close the treat ball yourself. There is generally a small hole that is left open, which is where the supply of treats can come out through the prying paws and teeth of your dog or cat. When you give your dog or cat pet toy balls, it is up to them to figure out how to get the treats out or how to make the pet toy balls rattle and shake.

Pet toy balls are ideal if your pet stays home alone much of the time � if you have to work during the day, for instance. Pet toy balls tend to be far more interesting to them than a rug or soft ball. You might want to buy a few pet toy balls and keep them on hand � you may even like to swap them occasionally.