Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Training Your Ruby Spaniel Puppies For The Future

Ruby Spaniel puppies are a highly energetic breed of puppy who love nothing better than to play about with their owners. Ruby Spaniel puppies are a very athletic breed who not only go the distance physically, but mentally as the Ruby Spaniel puppies are known to be one of the smartest and most intelligent dogs around.

Bred usually and primarily as hunting type dogs, Ruby Spaniel puppies learn new tasks very quickly and as a result tend to be a very obedient breed of dog. The trademark of Ruby Spaniel puppies is that they are truly affectionate puppies and love to have a tussle, cuddle and play fight with their master on the lounge room carpet. In fact Ruby Spaniel puppies really enjoy being with people, especially their own family.

Training Ruby Spaniel puppies is actually the key to successfully integrating them into daily family life. Without proper and consistent training Ruby Spaniel puppies can easily and very quickly develop separation type anxieties. One symptom of this is a problem with barking. This however, can all be alleviated if Ruby Spaniel puppies are trained early. You can seek assistance from your local vet or local dog school if you are unsure how to go about training your Ruby Spaniel puppies.

Despite their tendency to be gentle and obedient, Ruby Spaniel puppies need firm but kind discipline to help them maintain good behavior. Where possible owners should try and enroll their puppies in some ongoing obedience training to help them assimilate with other dogs and people. The one thing about these puppies is that once they have learnt their basics, they will remember the rules for life. Training should be undertaken at around 8-9 weeks of age or as earlier as is possible. At around two years of age, these puppies can get very excitable so having them trained will help to curb any excessive barking and chewing.