Sunday, October 18, 2009

Using Rabbit Breed Descriptions To Find Your Ideal Rabbit

Rabbits come in many different types and categories of breeds as outlined in many different rabbit breed descriptions. These rabbit breed descriptions outline the many different colors, sizes, shapes and coat types that rabbits possess. In fact it is these rabbit breed descriptions that can even help you decide what rabbit you want to purchase.

Rabbit breed descriptions outline the many subtle differences between each different breed although if you are looking for a rabbit for home you probably don�t need quite as much detail as someone who is intending to breed or show rabbits. Rabbit breed descriptions are particularly handy for these professional people.

In general, rabbit breed descriptions are helpful to families because rabbit breed descriptions give them such factual information about the breeds they might be interested in. Rabbit breed descriptions can only be indicative though when you purchase a rabbit from a pure bred breeder. Pet store sold rabbits may not necessarily be pure bred and so that rabbit breed descriptions might be less than indicative of the rabbits breed and characteristics.

In any event rabbit breed descriptions are simply meant to assist potential rabbit owners to sort through the array of breeds and find the right rabbit for them. Let�s take some time look at examples of various rabbit breed descriptions you might come across on the Internet.

Alaskans are 6-8.5 lbs (2.7-3.9 kg) with a black, thick coat and they originated in Germany. The American Checkered Giant is around 11 lbs or greater (5 kg) , is white with black or blue markings (along spine, body spots, cheek spots, colored ears, eye circles and butterfly mark on nose). While the Tan weighs in at 4-6 lbs (1.8-2.7 kg) and comes in black, blue, chocolate, or lilac with tan (eye circles, nostrils, jowls, ears, backs of legs, toes, chest, belly, tail and neck collar).