Friday, October 30, 2009

Using Stackable Rabbit Cages for Your Little Friends

If you have more than one rabbit or indeed your breed rabbits, then it is best to use some sort of stackable rabbit cages to house your rabbits as required. Pet rabbits can be quite readily kept in stackable rabbit cages in the yard, in the shed or garage or in your back room, verandah or laundry.

Stackable rabbit cages provide rabbits with the freedom to move, to eat and to breathe well, as there is plenty of ventilation. Stackable rabbit cages are generally made of wire or plastic, and are quite compact so they don�t take up a lot of room. Stackable rabbit cages are great for breeders who don�t have lots of room to spare. You of course, need to note though that the stackable rabbit cages are not a long tern option for rabbit cages and that if you only have one or two rabbits and plan to keep them as pets then you are probably better looking for the larger, domestic style cages rather than the stackable rabbit cages.

Rabbits tend to like to move around quite a bit so having the larger style cages is a good long term option, as opposed to the stackable rabbit cages. Rabbits are quite partial to having plenty of room to run around and the stackable rabbit cages which are for temporary care only are probably too small for this. The larger rabbit cages however are ideal.

Rabbits don�t need much training actually and so running around and eating tends to come naturally � whether they are in stackable rabbit cages or the larger style. What rabbits do need though is a place to go to the toilet and this is when it is best to give them some outside time to do just that. But despite all this even if your rabbit is toilet trained and domesticated inside, a cage will still act as a safe haven where your little buddy can retreat to rest.