Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Your Dog At Risk Of Kennel Cough Pneumonia?

Kennel cough pneumonia is very common in dogs and tends to be contracted by dogs that have stayed at a boarding kennel with other dogs, for a period of time. kennel cough pneumonia is usually associated with these boarding kennels however some dogs can catch kennel cough pneumonia without having been boarded.

Kennel cough pneumonia is caused by an airborne virus. This virus that causes kennel cough pneumonia is highly contagious. If your dog happens to be in the vicinity of a dog that is infected with kennel cough pneumonia then there is the risk that your dog might well catch kennel cough pneumonia too. Under these circumstances kennel cough pneumonia does not normally display itself for 8-10 days so it is something you need to watch out for over several weeks after being near a dog that has kennel cough pneumonia.

Although you can obtain a vaccine from your vet for kennel cough pneumonia, sometimes these vaccines do not work because there are many different strains of kennel cough pneumonia. You can obtain kennel cough pneumonia preventative vaccines too,but there is also no guarantee that this will prevent your dog from infection.

The symptoms of Kennel Cough vary but in general they include a dry cough. This cough makes the dog sound like they have something caught in the throat and they are trying to clear it. This coughing can be a one of cough or last for several minutes at a time. There is no pattern.

You might want to treat this nasty infection with natural treatments. You can use vitamins like vitamin C, herbal infusions like Echinacea or Goldenseal or Colloidal Silver. In addition you can also give your dog homeopathic remedies such as Bryonia which comes in pellet form. Honey also helps to soothe a sore and irritated throat that is a result of the ongoing cough.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Know What You Are Getting When You See Tonkinese Cats For Sale

Plenty of people right across the globe love cats and kittens. If you see Tonkinese cats for sale and you are a cat lover then you are bound to fall in love. When you see these Tonkinese cats for sale you will see just how beautiful these cats are too. With their aqua eyes and medium, soft coat, they are a gentle breed who love nothing better than a cuddle with their owner. When you look into the eyes of the Tonkinese cats for sale you will instantly make the decision to purchase one.

But before you purchase the Tonkinese cats for sale that you see, you need to realize that you need to start taking care of the Tonkinese cats for sale when you get them home. No matter where you see Tonkinese cats for sale, what they look like, how old they are or what size they are, they all need the same level of care and attention.

When you know that you can take care of Tonkinese cats for sale that you have seen in a shop window, you need to examine the steps for ensuring that the black pug puppies for sale will remain in good health if you take them home.

Tonkinese cats for sale can be found just about anywhere - at your local pet store, veterinarian or animal shelter. You can even buy Tonkinese cats for sale online from reputable breeders who maintain websites and promote their animal�s online.

The Tonkinese cats for sale have a gentle, fun and playful personality to match its colorful, shiny coat that comes in natural mink, champagne mink, blue mink, and platinum mink. Bred as a result of the mix between the Burmese and Siamese cats, the Tonkinese cat is an ideal companion, is very intelligent and highly curious.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Learning How To Wean A Bottle Fed Kitten

Learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten and indeed learning about kitten care in general, is actually very complex and far more time consuming than caring for a fully matured cat. To go about learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten or indeed taking care of a kitten from birth, properly, you need to find the right information and have the necessary supplies on hand.

When kittens are very tiny, they need four to five small meals a day and they will usually drink milk from bottles when they are quite young, in order to get the nutrients they need to grow. Learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten is a big trick because kittens do become very dependant on the milk. The key to learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten is slowly introducing the same milk into bowls rather than bottles. Learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten is a very slow and steady practice but if you take your time and introduce the bowls day by day your kitten will eventually make the transition. The other step in how to wean a bottle fed kitten is to serve the milk and any food at room temperature. It you have to take some leftovers from the refrigerator makes sure you do it in advance so that is has time to warm up a little. This is how to wean a bottle fed kitten.

When are cat is a bit older you won�t need to worry about how to wean a bottle fed kitten. In fact you will even wonder why you worried about learning how to wean a bottle fed kitten when you see yourself buying can after can of chunky cat food, which you take from the refrigerator and put straight into a bowl.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Consider The Benefits Of Knowing How To Build Dog Kennels

There are many reasons for using a portable dog kennel and knowing how to build dog kennels is actually a real benefit for a family who intends on having more than one dog. Knowing how to build dog kennels is also of benefit to someone who is a casual dog breeder and plans on breeding for some time to come.

Kennels provide your dog with a place to rest and keep warm and sometimes eat their dinner. Knowing how to build dog kennels means that you can easily customize the kennel for your dog so that you dog is content to be in the kennel at a whim. You can learn how to build dog kennels that can be used either inside or outside your home. In fact once you know how to build dog kennels you can build both if you have the space.

A kennel can be used outside as protection from the weather and a kennel inside can be used for eating. Irrespective of how your dog uses his or her kennel when you know how to build dog kennels you can ensure that your dog is safe, warm and protected at all times. Knowing how to build dog kennels can also mean that you if you build in indoor kennel your dog has a place to go when you are not home. Knowing how to build dog kennels and then building an indoor kennel will also help you to minimize potential damage to your carpets and furniture as your dog will naturally gravitate there when you and the family leave the house.

If you plan on owning more than one dog then knowing how to build dog kennels
is great because it will be far cheaper for you to build the kennels yourself than buying them at the pet store. Knowing how to build dog kennels is valuable in this regard because each dog really does need to have their own kennel and their own space.

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